Reviews for Waiting for Waiting For Godot by Dave Hanson

Two guys on a road waiting for a man they’ve never met who never comes? Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” of course. Two understudies backstage waiting for their chance to go on — a seriously unlikely prospect — in a production of “Waiting for Godot”? That is Dave Hanson’s delectable “Waiting for Waiting for Godot.
— New York Times

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Who has it worse than Vladimir and Estragon, the two poor saps caught in the gears of existential ennui in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot? The two guys understudying the part of Vladimir and Estragon, of course
— Time Out New York

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Dave Hanson, Chris Sullivan, and Amy Weaver gave a flawless performance that I have been describing to my friends as an amazing, hilarious, clever, damn near perfect, enthralling, piece of genius work.
— Theatre Is Easy

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Waiting for Waiting For Godot wins Overall Excellence Award for New York Fringe Festival 2013



Reviews for Dave Hanson in The Boss

Slouching and slack-jawed and quick with a sucker punch, Dave Hanson is spectacular as the parvenu Regan, transforming him into a full and awkward human being rather than the easy caricature he could be in Edward Sheldon’s play.
Mr. Hanson skillfully knits together Regan’s quicksilver emotional extremes: One minute he slugs a striker unconscious; the next he stuffs a wad of cash into his victim’s pocket after learning about his dying wife and hungry children.
— The New York Times

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Hanson’s Regan is a convincing bundle of ruthless energy and anger, only likable as the clueless lover. This contrasts winningly with Hoffman’s Emily, a Shavian New Woman of fewer words, a pleasing combination of steel and charm.

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Among all this good work, however, the incredible performance of Dave Hanson shines brightest. As Regan, Hanson is expert, moving effortlessly through the stubborn but likable titan’s many shades. In Act 2, his immense talent is especially displayed, as he transitions with great honesty from affable to “aw shucks” to brutally violent. It’s impressive and, at times, terrifying, but always great fun. I haven’t seen a better performance this season, and I doubt that I will.

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Promo for The Boss (2012)


Dave Hanson recently wrote and starred in “Waiting for Waiting for Godot” in The New York International Fringe Festval. Before Dave moved to NYC to rekindle his success with theater, he tried his hand in standup, sketch, acting, and late night writing for Chelsea Lately. Join Chip and Dave on his mighty journey in the arts that spans both coasts.
— Chip Dwyer, Act III Comedy Writer's Podcast
Playwright Dave Hanson sat down with ensemble member Lisa Kicielinski to examine his new plays, loving despite fear, and when it’s time to seize the fancy bathroom.
— C-10 Festival, 2013

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I was cast as an understudy in WFG back in Los Angeles several years ago. It was an awful experience.
— Theatre In The Now, 2013

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